HMS Black Prince

General information
HMS Black Prince was a British World War II cruiser. This ships belongs to the 'Improved' Dido Class, the first 7 ships of the Dido Class were HMS Dido, HMS Euryalus, HMS Phoebe, HMS Sirius, HMS Cleopatra, HMS Scylla and HMS Argonaut. Later there were 4 more ships build in the same class; HMS Bellona, HMS Black Prince, HMS Diadem and HMS Royalist. Those are known as the 'Improved' Dido Class or the Bellona Class. The Black Prince is named after Edward (1330-1376) the eldest son of King Edward III

Begun: December 1st 1939
  Launched: August 27th 1943
  Completed: November 20th 1943
Displacement 5700 to 5770 tons (full load: 7400 tons)
Armament eight 5,25 inch guns
  40mm Anti-Aircraftguns
  20mm Anti-Aircraftguns
  six 21 inch torpedo tubes
p.p. (forw. & afw. perpindiculars)    
o.a. (overall length) 512 feet 156,06 meters
beam 50 feet 6 inch 15,39 meters
mean draught 15 feet 4,57 meters
maximum draught 18 feet 7 inch 5,66 meters
Speed 33 knots, 61 km/h  

HMS Black Prince was used for coastbombarment on D-Day (june 6th, 1944). Her target was the battery of Morsalines

HMS Black Prince.

HMS Black Prince.

HMS Black Prince.

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