HMS Erebus

General information
HMS Erebus was a British World War I monitor with two 15" guns. This ships belongs to the Erebus Class, the other ship in the class was HMS Terror. HMS Erebus was sold for scrapping in 1946.

Begun: Oktober 1915 Completed: September 1915
Displacement 8000 tons
Armament two 15 inch guns in a single turret at the front of the ship
Technical Details 15" Guns    
Length 42 calibres (54ft 2in)  
Barrel weight 97 tons 3 cwt  
Breech mechanism weight 2 tons 17 cwt  
Total weight 100 tons  
Weight of shell 1938 lb 879,60 kg.
Weight of supercharge of cordite 490 lb 222,26 kg.
Range 16,25 miles 26,15 km.
  eight 4 inch guns, including 2 Anti-Aircraftguns
  four .303 cal Anti-Aurcraftmachineguns
p.p. (forw. & afw. perpindiculars) 380 feet 115,82 meters
o.a. (overall length) 405 feet 123,44 meters
beam 88 feet 26,82 meters
mean draught 11 feet 3,35 meters
Speed 12 knots, 22km/h  

HMS Erebus was used for coastbombarment on D-Day (june 6th, 1944). Her target were the batteries of Barfleur en La Pernelle. On the 10th of August 1944, HMS Erebus was used against the defenders of the France harbor Le Havre. She was damaged by the battery of Clos des Ronces and was out of action for some time. In november 1944, she was used for coastel bombarments during operation "Infatuete", the Amphibious Assault on Walcheren, Holland.

HMS Erebus, notice the blimp.

HMS Erebus.

HMS Erebus.

HMS Erebus.

Two 15" guns, simulair to the ones at HMS Erebus.

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